Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation Services

For the best heating system solutions in the region of Washington state which includes Puyallup, Orting, Tacoma, Graham, and Bonney Lake, your requirements for the home or place of business should be evaluated by Piece of Mind Home Comfort, LLC. Once we’ve determined exactly what would work best for you, we can arrange for expert installation with our HVAC partners in the area, All American Air Systems. In many cases, the optimum solution for warmth and comfort year round will be a heat pump.

Heat pumps can provide a very viable alternative to furnaces as a solution for the heating needs of your home or place of business, and they have the advantage of converting to a cooling system during warmer weather. Heat pumps do not actually generate heat, but merely transfer it from one place to another, so in summer time they can easily transfer heat away from your home’s interior, where it isn’t needed.

However, heat pumps generally require an additional heat source in areas where the temperature goes below freezing, as it sometimes does in Puyallup, so consulting with Piece of Mind experts before making any final decision is advisable. Some of the newer, high-performance heat pump models can even handle the coldest temperatures that occasionally come to Washington, and we can discuss those possibilities with you as well.

High quality heat pumps

For the benefit of Piece of Mind customers, in conjunction with our All American partners, we like to recommend the top-of-the-line heat pump maker, Goodman Manufacturing. Our clients have had great success with these units, and since we’re all about customer satisfaction, it just makes great sense to offer the kind of high-quality products provided by Goodman. The great folks at Goodman take the same kind of care in making their products as we do in providing our services, and they’re so confident about built-in quality, that they back up their units with industry-leading warranties. Here’s what you can expect with every Goodman heat pump:

  • Lifetime warranty on compressor – one of the main components of any heat pump is the compressor, and if your Goodman heat pump compressor should ever fail during operation, a new one will be provided.
  • Functional parts warranty – all functional parts of the heat pump system are also covered for a full 10 years by the manufacturer, and you can expect even longer life than that in most cases.
  • Touch screen thermostat – makes controlling temperature available at a mere touch – what could be easier? The clear readout on the screen makes it ultra-easy to monitor setup progress, diagnostics readouts, controls customization, and even normal usage.
  • Quiet operation – clients rave about the fact that their Goodman heat pumps are barely even noticeable in operation, with so little noise that you don’t even realize the unit is working.
  • Consistent temperature control – rather than having warm air blow through your house for a few minutes, followed by a cooldown, the Goodman heat pump will maintain a consistent temperature in your home or place of business for greater comfort.

Customer satisfaction is our business

Yes, we deal in HVAC systems to provide heating and cooling comfort for our customers, but our real business is customer satisfaction. The professionals at Piece of Mind Home Comfort and All American Air Systems are committed to providing the very best products and services for heating and cooling to all our friends and neighbors in Puyallup and the surrounding region. Contact us today for an estimate on a system that will be ideal for your home or business.