Ductless Heating Cooling

Many people have probably heard of ductless heating and cooling systems, or split systems as they are sometimes called, but fewer people are aware of how they actually work and how they might be of advantage to your home or place of business as a home comfort solution. At Piece of Mind Home Comfort LLC, we can evaluate your current heating or cooling system and advise you on whether or not a ductless system would work for you, and what the cost of such a system would be. In tandem with our HVAC partners at All American Air Systems, the ideal ductless system can then be installed at your residence or business, so you can enjoy the benefits of this very efficient strategy for heating or cooling.

Advantages of a ductless system

A ductless system functions somewhat differently than a traditional heating or cooling system, which forces conditioned air through a network of ducts that service each room in a residence or office place. Here are some reasons it might be a good choice for you:

  • Smaller footprint – a ductless system does not require ducts all throughout a building, and instead runs off a small outdoor unit and multiple indoor units which are mounted in each room requiring service.
  • Economical – most residences and business places can realize significant savings through ductless heating and cooling, because they operate on much less power. Since they are smaller units, and the conditioned air is delivered directly into the rooms of service, there is never any efficiency loss. In addition, rooms such as attics which do not require heating or cooling, can be set up as no-service zones.
  • Better air quality – sometimes in homes with ducted systems, a great deal of debris and contaminants can accumulate in the network of ducts, so that polluted air is constantly being re-circulated. This simply cannot happen in a ductless system, since no ducts are ever used.
  • Ease of installation – when installing a ducted system, it can take several weeks, and can disrupt home life significantly. Depending on the number of zones requiring service in a home or office, an entire system can be installed in as little as one day.

High quality products and service

In situations where a ductless system would be an ideal choice for your heating or cooling needs, we can recommend installation of the very best ductless systems on the market, so you can enjoy the maximum benefits provided. That kind of superior quality is available in all Daikin ductless systems we work with, because they operate almost noiselessly, and they feature streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units that present the least intrusiveness possible in a zone of service.

All Daikin systems offer tremendous seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER), so homeowners and businesses can realize the utmost in benefits from this type of system. Even though installation is far less difficult than with a ducted system, it requires expert implementation in order for all components to be functioning up to manufacturer specifications, and this is the kind of expert professional service you can expect from our HVAC partners at All American Air Systems. Call us at Piece of Mind Home Comfort to find out all about the savings you can achieve with a ductless heating or cooling system, and how affordable such a solution can be.